Good afternoon all!

Here is the latest information regarding the break-ins and damage caused to the gas supply meters, pipes and boxes.

  • Following it being reported, the Gas Company (not us, nor Admiburgos) decided on what work would be done and by whom.
  • They have now advised that new locks have been fitted to all meter boxes and any additional strengthening that they felt was needed has been carried out accordingly.
  • All stolen and/or damaged pipework has now been replaced. The work was carried out by a Gas Company approved and appointed contractor.
  • Any costs applicable to us for any of the work carried out (if/where applicable) will be reclaimed through our insurance company.

The Gas company have advised that only they now have keys for the gas meter cages, so if you see any cages open or anyone tampering with them, please advise Admiburgos or the gas company immediately. (A picture if possible would be most useful). The fact that this work has been done does not mean that further damage/thefts will not be attempted.

I would urge everyone onsite to remain vigilant.

A denouncia is being made on behalf of the community. If you are a key holder for an owner who’s property has been affected by the damage, please raise a denouncia on their behalf or get them to do it. Do not under estimate the importance of this. One of the main ways forward with this is to get as many denouncia’s against the perpetrator as possible. If you/they don’t take the trouble, don’t moan about the lack of results!

Comments on social media

I would like to add a side note regarding the above and similar instances.

I have been made aware of comments on social media claiming that the president’s board and the Administrator have done/are doing nothing to stop this damage and thefts happening. I will point this one thing out, just because you do not see or notice changes every single day, that does not mean nothing is being done.

As owners , if you are not sure what’s happening or feel you do not have up to date information, PLEASE ASK, BEFORE taking to social media to vent your frustration, (which for the record should be directed at the instigator(s) of the trouble, not the people trying to find a solution).

Whilst I take the main responsibility for issuing information to president’s and owners, I am also a volunteer and have responsibilities outside of the resort, I am only one person! Your support and understanding of all owners would be very much appreciated. Admiburgos are not responsible for these thefts/damage and neither are the Presidents’ Board.

Whilst I avidly share everyone’s anger and frustration regarding the apparent apathy of the Spanish justice system, it’s all we have and we need to work together to use it to our best advantage. Please ensure every single opportunity to raise a denouncia against the perpetrator(s) is taken.

Additional security cameras

I confirm that further security cameras around the resort are ordered and the installation will commence soon.

But again remember, I am only one man and there are only so many hours in a day. However, you can rest assured I will complete the task as soon as time and money allow. It is a long term strategy and will take time to complete.

Best regards,

Frank Fairbrother
General Community President