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Who can use the website?

The website is available to everybody, although some of the information is restricted to owners.


To access this information you must register – please follow the instructions as your registration will be checked to see it is valid.

To register please click here

I am unable to logon

If you have forgotten your password please use the ‘lost your password’ or “Forgot password” link here on the logon page.

You will need to know either the email address used or the user name** you chose when you registered.

**The “Forgot” link also includes a “Forgot Username” link…

How do I change my password or registered email address?

Login here and in the top right corner, please select “Edit My Profile’.


Who are our Administrators?
You’ll find an introduction to our Administrators here:

Meet the Administrators

What is included in my community fees?

Included in your community fees is free wifi access at the Meeting Place only – not in your property.  Please make your own arranges for internet access.

Other items included in your fees are

  • all buildings insurance
  • pool maintenance
  • gardening**
  • communal and general gardens irrigation
  • street cleaning
  • communal hallway cleaning and lighting
  • rubbish removal
  • street lighting
  • lift maintenance and lift failure emergency call out service
  • provision and maintenance of gate barriers and cameras
  • costs associated with staging social events
  • administrator fees

**All sub community and General community gardens, but not villa gardens which are the responsibility of individual owners.

TV is available on site but you will need to set up your own contract with a local provider.

What is the code for the tennis courts?

Please contact the Administrators or your sub-community president.




Administrators  or Sub-community President  

When are the swimming pools open for use?

The pools are maintained all year round but are not heated.




Probably May to October are the optimum times to use the pools.

What day is rubbish removed from resort?

This is normally done weekly during the hot summer months on a Friday, and twice monthly during the off months

Rubbish Collections Calendar


How often are the communal areas in the apartment blocks cleaned?

These are currently cleaned on a monthly basis




Who is responsible for servicing my boiler and air conditioning units?

Owners are responsible for all internal workings of  apartments and villas. This includes gas boilers and air conditioning units.




Is there a general owners forum?

Q: Is there a general owners forum where we owners can read and reply to posts from other owners?

A: No, not on this website. You could try here: http://www.murcia-golf.co.uk/


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