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New Owners Useful Information 2024 United Golf Resort La Tercia

This document has been put together to provide owners and long-term renters with some basic information about the Resort. However, you will find much more information and the latest news on the official owners’ website ugrlatercia.com.

Please note that although you can view parts of the website without registering, a lot of information about the Resort is only available for owners who have registered. We would urge all owners to sign up as soon as possible by registering at https://ugrlatercia.com/owners-registration/

Make sure to use your first and last name.

The information in this pack is correct at the time of publication (June 2024) but owners should check the website for up to date advice.


This information pack contains the following information:

  1. The payment of community fees and the discounts for prompt payment each month
  2. Security at the Resort
  3. The Gym
  4. Meeting Place
  5. Driving and parking on the Resort
  6. Refuse disposal
  7. Important telephone numbers
  8. General rules of the Resort
  9. Fault reporting

1. Community Fees.

We are very proud of our wonderful Resort, which boasts beautiful gardens, nine communal pools, different sports courts, including petanque, indoor sports facilities and a 24-hour gate security. These services are funded by the Community fees that all owners are obliged to pay under Spanish Law. The Community is granted the right in law to collect these fees and the non-payment of Community fees is taken very seriously in Spain.  Please therefore pay your fees on time.

Please see Rules for Pools and more information about gardens in Social and sporting facilities.

Regarding fees – both sub community and Jean – there are substantial discounts of up to 20% per annum available for owners who pay their fees by the due date each quarter. However, if community fees are not paid for 3 quarters or more, steps to recover them will commence. Legal action will result in substantial additional legal fees being added to the debt.

Please note: in order to qualify for the discount, you must not have any outstanding fees. All arrears must be cleared before the discount can be applied, even if the debt came with the property at the time of acquisition.

Your solicitor may have set up a direct debit for you to pay your fees when you signed for your property, but you should contact the administrators Inmho by phoning (0034) 968 031 031 to make sure this is in place. You can also arrange to set up a direct debit by visiting their office., are in the tower at the main entrance to La Torre Golf Resort.

There are alternative ways to pay fees if you wish to pay in advance rather than quarterly and full details of these are available at Inhmo’s office or by email, at resort@inhmo.es

2.   Security.

We have our own 24-hour security at the Resort. If you observe any antisocial behaviour at the Resort, or wish to report suspicious behaviour please call Security on (0034) 868 78 27 53 or go to the Security office at the front entrance to the Resort. We recommend that you keep this number on your phone.

Please ensure that you fully lock the front door of your property, close all windows and use the window and shutter locks if fitted when you leave your property. Although Security is available at the resort 24 hours a day, it is important that owners, renters and guests take steps to secure their properties at all times. If you need to report a loss/ theft of, please see security at the front entrance to the Resort.

3.   The Gym.

The gym is a community run facility which is free to use by all owners.
The original range of equipment was donated by some kind owners and features the usual range of gym equipment.

The facility is opened by volunteers during opening hours which are advertised at the Gym.  Access to the facilities is restricted to owners who are not debtors.  You should apply to Inhmo who will notify the Gym access co-ordinator, who will then issue your membership card.  This will be available for you to pick up at a pre-arranged time.  Please give at least 10 days notice of your intention to use the gym to enable credentials to be checked and the membership card produced.

Owners are reminded that they use the equipment at their own risk and that the community accepts no liability for any injuries sustained as a result of using the equipment.

4.   The Meeting Place.

The Meeting Place is a community owned facility next to the Bowling Green where the Sports Association run events.
To find out what’s going on, you can visit The Meeting Place or view their page on this website.  Please contact the President of the Meeting Place to arrange for membership of the Sports and Social club.

The Meeting Place facility is also available for all owners to use free of charge for private events – you need to pre-arrange your event with the social team at the Meeting Place.

  • free wifi internet Access – access code available at the Meeting Place
  • a TV (for those important sporting occasions)  and a bar area.

There is also a small library of books maintained by the neighbours, and people can borrow or donate to the stock.

5.   Driving and Parking at the Resort.

There is a 30km per hour speed limit around the Resort which must be observed at all times.
This is a speed limited imposed by National law in residential areas and all roads at UGR La Tercia are in fact public roads. Please adhere to the legal speed limit as the local police patrol the Resort and anyone caught speeding will be fined. Security are empowered to call the police when witnessing speeding. Police speed checks could be carried out with in the resort.

Please also note the no entry signs on various roads on resort – the police do frequently come on site and monitor those who abuse the no entry signs to travel the wrong way up one way streets – this is especially so of Calle Alcacil where it meets Calle Pino Nuevo and from Avenida Sierra Villares onto to Calle Pino Nuevo.  Drivers have been stopped and substantially fined for not adhering to the traffic signs.

6.   Refuse Disposal.

There are 17 refuse disposal points spread around the Resort, so you should be able to find one near your property.
They are labelled ‘Organic Waste’,  ‘Glass’, ‘Paper/Cardboard’ and ‘Plastic Cartons and Cans’. In the hot months, it is in all our best interests (smell, insects, feral cats getting into the bins) to ensure that the lids on the bins are kept closed. Please do not leave any rubbish at the sides of the bins, particularly unwanted furniture or household items.

It will not be removed and the Community may be fined by the Town Hall. Such items must be taken to the Eco-Parque as detailed below.

Please do not leave rubbish outside your house or hung on the small black rubbish bins located on each street as it will not be collected from these areas and will attract rats and feral cats.

To dispose of larger items, such as televisions, fridges and microwaves, you should take them to the Eco-Parque, which is at Roldán (Calle José López Portillo.
Polígono industrial A.U.I., 6. Roldán 30700).

7. Important telephone numbers.



GUARDIA CIVIL-TORRE PACHECO offices: +34 968 578 019


LOCAL POLICE: Murcia Council has created a local police special group, known as Rural Patrol, covering this area under their authority and based in Los Martínez del Puerto.

They are called GRUPO LOS MARTÍNEZ DEL PUERTO, their telephone number is 968 383 306 and email policia.losmartinezdelpuerto@ayto-murcia.es

Need to report a crime, but don’t speak Spanish? There are two available numbers for English speakers: 092 and +34 968 358 750.

Also reports can be sent via email: communitypolice@ayto-murcia.es

GAS: For issues concerning gas Redexis offers a customer service in English at (+34) 900 811 339 (option 1 for English speakers)

ELECTRICITY: In dealing with electricity, Iberdrola English speaking service is (+34) 900 322 044

WATER: For issues concerning water in your property: Aguas de Murcia (EMUASA)

+34 900 700 501 www.emuasa.es (English and Spanish)


Consultorio Gea y Truyols

Public Medical Centre

Address: Av. Mediterráneo, 1, 30590 La Tercia Phone: +34 968 37 11 67


Paraje Torre Octavio 54. 30739 San Javier. PHONE: +34 968 565 022


8. General Rules

Please ensure that anyone who uses your property is aware of the following rules:

1.  Please keep noise levels to a minimum

2.  Rubbish should be placed in the bin stations. Please ensure the rubbish is placed in the bin and not left on the footpaths or in the apartment stairwells. Please use the appropriate bins for your waste and do not deposit garden waste or leave items at the sides of the bins.

3.  Please use designated parking spaces around the Resort and do not leave your car parked on a pavement or grass verge. The police patrol the Resort and will act accordingly. You risk getting a parking ticket or having your vehicle towed away.

4.  Sunbeds must not be left by the pools and may not be chained to any communal property. Any chained and/or abandoned sunbeds will eventually be removed.

5.  Dogs must be micro chipped. They must be kept on a lead at all times when being walked. Any excrement must be collected immediately and disposed of in the bins or taken home – NOT in the small black rubbish bins which are not emptied daily other than in high season.

Additional rules for the Apartment Communities

1.     Please ensure the apartment block entrance door is closed on leaving the block to prevent security risks.

2.     Please respect you neighbours and do not throw rubbish such as cigarettes, matches etc from your balconies. They could cause damage.

3.     If you work in any communal area please ensure these are left tidy and rubbish removed. Personal items should not be left in communal areas.

4.     Where timer switches are not in use, please ensure lights in communal areas are turned off. Please do not alter the timers for the communal areas.

5.     Washing or bedlinen should not be hung over balcony railings and must not be visible from the road.

6.     Dogs must not be left alone on terraces whilst the owner is away from the property for whatever reason. Such dogs cause a nuisance to neighbours by constantly barking.

9. Fault reporting.

Faults can be reported by visiting the Administration office or by emailing


Please note that this is for reporting a fault or maintenance issue around the Resort and not for problems within your own property for which you are responsible.




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