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Fruit and Balloon Gifts for Passengers at Corvera Airport Murcia

Fruit and Balloon Gifts for Passengers at Corvera Airport MurciaPhoto by Ian Baldwin on Unsplash

Murcia’s regional government has launched a special summer campaign to showcase the region’s diverse range of seasonal fruits. As part of the campaign, passengers at Corvera Airport Murcia will receive gifts of fruit packages (including stone fruits and melons) and sustainable bambu bottles, while young travellers will be given corporate balloons.

In addition to the airport, the campaign will also include international travellers arriving at Cartagena port and the Balneario de Archena spa resort.

During the official presentation this week, acting minister for water, agriculture, livestock and fisheries Antonio Luengo explained, “We intend to enhance the quality of these products and improve their marketing, making them more familiar among a broad audience from different backgrounds.”

According to Luengo, “The Murcia region deserves to be known and recognised as a major national and international producer and supplier of top-quality products, such as those offered during this campaign.” He highlighted the agricultural industry’s commitment, over many years, to research and innovative capacity at the Murcia Institute for Agricultural and Environmental Research and Development (IMIDA).

In June, he said, new stone fruit varieties including peaches, paraguayan peaches and plums, “with high taste quality and better adapted to climate change”, were introduced to the supply chain. “This enables us to meet the demanding requirements of consumers as well as challenges posed by the environment. In addition, breeding new varieties facilitates early or late production, so that the fruit can access markets in advantageous conditions outside the customary production periods.”

In this respect, IMIDA has agronomically evaluated more than 50,000 intervarietal peach crosses since its inception, and has subsequently registered 21 commercial varieties with optimal characteristics for climatic adaptation and high taste quality.


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