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UGR La Tercia: New Update

Dear Owners:

May we inform you that from the 12th of May 2020 two new regulations from the Department of Health (Ministerio de Sanidad) of the Spanish Government came into force. They are related to the temporary reintroduction of checks at internal borders by air and sea as well as quarantine period. Please, find attached the most important points of both instructions. May we also remind you that in case of a removal needed due to a justified force majeure cause, it is recommended to hire a removal company following Covid-19 protocol. We hope this information is of your interest. Kind regards.

We also remind you that in case you have to make a move due to force majeure, it is recommended that it be done through a moving company following the protocol of covid-19 and provided it can be justified.

We hope it’s in your interest.



ORDER INT /401/2020

First Article. Temporary reintroduction of checks at internal borders by air and sea.

1. Controls at the internal air and sea borders are temporarily restored from 00:00 on 15 May 2020 until 00:00 on 24 May 2020.

2. Only the following persons shall be permitted entry into the national territory by air and sea:

  1. Spanish citizens.
  2. Residents in Spain, having to prove their habitual residence.
  3. Cross-border workers.
  4. Healthcare or senior care professionals who are going to to carry out their work.
  5. Those that documentaryly prove causes of force majeure or situation of necessity.


SND ORDER /403/2020

Article 2. Quarantine period.

1. Persons from abroad shall be quarantined within 14 days of arrival.

2. During the quarantine period, the persons referred to in the preceding paragraph shall remain at their home or accommodation, and must limit their travel to the following activities:

  1. Purchase of food, pharmaceutical products and basic necessities.
  2. Assistance to health centres, services and establishments.
  3. For reasons of force majeure or situation of need.

All movements will be made with mask.

These new instructions will be in effect until 24 May but please note that both may be extended.


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