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A statement dealing with pools


Dear owners,

As you may know, the National Government allows the use of pools in communities of owners in Stage 2 of the de-escalation. Such stage has come into force, in the areas that the Government decides according to the established parameters, on Monday, the 25th of May 2020.

The Instructions of the Government for the use of pools in Stage 2 are too complex for the communities of owners, which has unleashed a wave of complaints by community administrators and pool maintenance companies because it is not possible to comply with all the requirements and many of them entail big expenses.

Level of Security, if it is provided, amongst other rules, the capacity of the pools is to be reduced to 30% of their full capacity, a method for reserving a time slot by appointment and different shift schedules will be required.

In addition, a security perimeter of 2 meters should be established for pool users, where their belongings can be kept. Supposedly, these additional security implementations, apart from creating management problems, will also have a very high economic cost, since it will practically force a person to be vigilant and guard each pool on a daily basis. Obviously, the community will have to incur this extra cost.

On a technical level, cleaning and disinfection of up to three times a day is required depending on the type of installation and surrounding furniture, as well as the use of specific disinfectants.

Likewise, last Thursday the Ministry of Health published a protocol for maintenance companies, which includes:

  • • Thorough cleaning.
  • • Installation of dispensers for sanitizing gel.
  • • Provide individual plastic bags to each pool user to store their belongings within their own security perimeter.
  • • Special treatments to the water.
  • • Continual comprehensive control of the water quality.
  • Etc.

The maintenance company is not in a position to be able to provide this type of required service within the contract, so additional cost would be incurred by the Community.

Due to the difficulty of implementing these rules and their high costs, at the moment it will not be possible to open the community pools.

The closure is without exception, irrespective of your personal view and breaches of the closure WILL be reported to the authorities to ensure the community as an entity, is safeguarded in the event of being accused of ‘allowing pool use” without the appropriate guidelines in place.

Owners who rent their apartments out have a responsibility to advise their tenants of the restrictions.

We hope that the established requirements will be relaxed in the near future or in the successive stages of the de-escalation so that we can implement a protocol, in which we’re already working, for the use and the enjoyment of our swimming pools Kind regards.

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