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Underwater diving on Costa Cálida
Photo courtesy of Murcia Tourism

Adventure-seeking travellers are being invited to “dive into the natural beauty of the Costa Cálida” this summer. According to tourism authorities, visitors can immerse themselves in “an underwater experience like no other, in the region’s five spectacular diving hotspots” – while also enjoying an in-depth look at Murcia’s history. 

Extending along Spain’s picturesque Mediterranean coastline – and well-connected to the UK and several other European countries via the modern Corvera Airport Murcia – the Costa Cálida (“Warm Coast”) is described as being home to Europe’s most comprehensive range of diving sites, renowned for historic shipwrecks and diverse marine life, flora and fauna.

The Murcia region is blessed with more than 300 days of sunshine a year, an average temperature of 19 degrees and a serene coastline popular not only with visitors passionate about diving but also other keen water sports enthusiasts.

Two protected marine reserves – Cabo de Palos-Islas Hormigas and Cartagena-La Azohía-Cabo Tiñoso – provide crystal-clear waters and enchanting seabeds, plus the possibility of finding archaeological remains. In short, the ideal conditions for uninterrupted diving and discovery.

In fact, Cabo de Palos-Islas Hormigas was included among a National Geographic list of the best places to dive in the world, and it has also been declared the best European destination for scuba diving.

La Manga Isla Grosa, Mazarrón and Águilas also offer memorable experiences for divers. Located in deserted coves and below looming cliffs, the warm and calm Mediterranean waters are protected from currents – and are at the optimum temperature to ensure an extensive variety of sea life can flourish.

“Surrounded by seaweed and marine vegetation, the reefs around Murcia generate veritable aquariums and charming underwater gardens that can’t be seen anywhere else in Spain.”

All the main diving hotspots offer water-loving tourists the opportunity of enjoying everything from relatively easy dives in shallow waters to more challenging routes recommended for experienced divers only. 

The region is home to 16 diving centres offering courses and diving trips for visitors of all levels: from eye-opening initial experiences for beginners to more technical dives around large shipwrecks and in underwater caves and crevices, suitable for accomplished divers.

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