Dear fellow owners

Since the storms I have been revising my UK schedule to be able to get out to La Tercia. Based on previous years there was always a strong possibility that there would be a considerable amount of cleaning up to be done.

As usual, there is always the question of how long do we wait before starting the clear up for fear of being in the same position again. Personally, I am of the view we may as well get on with it as soon as practicably possible, yes it may happen again next week/month but also it may not. And in any case it will have to be cleaned up at some point.

Given our financial position at the moment this is a formal request to all presidents and vice-presidents (and of course any owners) who are able, to join a working party to form 2 or 3 groups (if possible), obviously that will depend on numbers of people who are able to volunteer any time to the clean up project. I am aware that some people are off site and other have other commitments. But this is our resort and I’m sure that any time that anyone can give would be appreciated. There may also be ways we can give help to owners who have may have issues.

I am in contact with Admiburgos regarding hiring some equipment and hope to have an answer in the morning. The problem is that given the widespread damage across the whole area, equipment will probably be in very short supply, but we will see. I will advise more as I find out.

A site review is being carried out by Admiburgos. If we get volunteers enough to make the project viable we will hold a meeting first and decide on a plan of action agreeing on how to proceed. I am currently looking at flights and will get there as soon as possible.

Please advise (via email link below) if you are able to assist and/or know of any other able bodied owners who could volunteer some time.

Send Email: I can assist with clean up

Kind regards,

Frank Fairbrother
General Community President