Good evening all,

Here’s the latest update.

Those of you are onsite will no doubt already know that the first of the clean-up equipment arrived onsite today and the clean-up process began via the gardeners. Given the circumstances there’s nothing desperately spoiling that can’t be picked up again later and it’s about priorities. A second Bobcat loader will be arriving tomorrow. I would also clarify that any costs incurred using the Gardner’s will be reclaimed via a Consortium claim which is already being drawn up and will be initiated as soon as we have the full picture of costs incurred.

I would like to clarify that ALL areas that need cleaning up WILL receive the required attention. No manual work will be carried out where that work can be done using machinery. Whilst the invitation to help is open to everyone, no one is being forced to volunteer. And for those who do wish to join in are not fixed to a specific number of hours or specific days. I’m sure any time spent however small will be appreciated by the whole community.

I arrive in La Tercia tomorrow afternoon (Wednesday). I will review the clean-up requirements and get any updates from the morning and start drawing up a plan for moving forward.

An initial meeting for volunteers will be held at the Meeting Place at 10.00am on Thursday. If you and/or anyone you know wish to come along, you will be most welcome.

You won’t be alone, I have already received a number of emails offering help and support.

Even if you can’t attend personally, please forward this message to any other owners you know in case they have not yet heard about this initiative and would like to join in.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and this will take time, but we will get there. Whilst its true that a lot of the work will be manual, If you are unable for whatever reason to join in with that, please don’t feel excluded, You could still make a very positive contribution, by way of keeping volunteers topped up with refreshments etc.

If you are able to attend the meeting on Thursday I would like to thank you in advance on behalf of myself, the Presidents Board and indeed the wider community as a whole.

Best Regards,

Frank Fairbrother
General Community President