Hi all

The Sports Association has now been advised by the council (both La Tercia and Murcia) that they can hold events to raise money and have a bar run by volunteers…

So the Sports Association are finally able to start having events and the first one is a Burger & Hot Dog party with an artist to entertain you.

This will be held on SATURDAY, 14TH JULY at the Meeting Place.

The ticket price will be:

  • 10 euros per adult and
  • 3 euros for under 12s.

Food is included but drinks will be available to buy at the bar.

There will be burgers, sausage and chicken from the BBQ available from 7.00pm.  The singer/entertainer will commence at 8.00pm.

You can order your tickets by email from robert.viggars@hotmail.com and collect them from The Meeting Place on Friday night.

The Association will be having several events over the summer and throughout the year which they hope you will attend and enjoy.


Your Social Events Team