Ryanair Sun is a subsidiary arm of Ryanair and is based in Warsaw, Poland. As a sister branch to the Ryanair airline, Ryanair Sun was launched in 2017 offering charter flights.

In Autum 2019 Ryanair Sun will rebrand as Buzz operating on a Polish Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC).

The Buzz brand itself isn’t new. It was acquired by Ryanair back in April 2003 when it took control of the brand from the UK budget airline KLM UK. It operated between KLM and latterly Ryanair between 2000 and 2004. Ryanair still have the rights to the Buzz name and brand.

The Autumn launch will include a new website and new app for the airline with Polish customers being able to book Ryanair flights. So far Ryanair Sun have been increasing operations over flights originating in Poland with continued plans to increase the flights and aircraft to approx 25 aircraft by this summer.

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