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Preferential Coronavirus Testing Prices for EasyJet Passengers


Photo courtesy of EasyJet

Travellers using EasyJet’s flight services to Corvera Airport Murcia will be able to take advantage of special COVID-19 testing options. This week the low-cost airline and holiday company announced that it was exploring ways of working with different governments and industry partners to test the efficacy of more rapid testing, following the UK Government’s announcement of a “Test to Release” scheme. 

Due to start on 15 December, this international travel scheme is for people who need to self-isolate on arrival in England. Under the scheme, they can choose to pay for a private COVID-19 test, taken (at the earliest) five full days after they have left a destination not on the travel corridor list. If the result is negative, they can stop self-isolating.

The EasyJet initiative involves partnerships with testing firms Confirm Testing and City Doc, “which means our customers can get access to convenient and affordable testing when it is required for entry into countries across its network”. 

Clients can access preferential prices by using a unique code provided when they book through the EasyJet.com and EasyJet.com/holidays sites.

According to the company, customers will receive a reduced rate of £75 per home test with Confirm Testing or £100 per home test or £150 for an in-clinic test with CityDoc. “Both testing companies aim to provide results within 48 hours of the test being returned to them.” Confirm Testing is managed via Royal Mail and their Priority Post boxes, while CityDoc offer a courier service. EasyJet says it is also working to identify suppliers in Europe to be able to provide this across its network. 

“Testing has become a requirement for entry for a number of EasyJet’s key destinations like Germany, Spain and Italy, and so this partnership is focused on helping customers get their required test ahead of travel more conveniently and at more affordable rates.”

Announcing details of the initiative, EasyJet CEO Johan Lundgren said, “I’m really pleased to be able to offer our customers convenient testing options at cheaper rates than are widely available on the market. This, coupled with the news that quarantine can be reduced with a negative test, is a key step towards travel getting back to normal. 

“We continue to push for testing the efficacy of rapid testing technologies like antigen and LAMP testing which could be undertaken on departure at the airport and for further reducing quarantine, making it easier and less onerous for people to travel. 

“It is clear that, while testing will continue to be important to keep people moving in the coming months, eventually the vaccine will play a role in reducing this and return travel to normal. Governments and industry need to work together to achieve this and we stand by ready to support where we can.”

Up-to-date flight information for Corvera Airport Murcia is available here.

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