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Pools Opening

Dear owners,

Published in the BORM the Order of 15 February 2022 of the Regional Ministry of Health – suspension of the application of the system of publication of health alert levels and the application of the restrictive measures established for the different sectors of activity in the Order of 1 June 2021.

It states that:

– The publication of health alert levels, both regional and municipal, is SUSPENDED and, consequently, the application of the restrictive measures in force involving bans on activity, limitations on opening hours, capacity or number of people, the requirement for authorisations or responsible declarations, COVID passport requirements and, in general, any limitation of rights of any kind, established in the aforementioned Order of 1 June 2021 and in its implementing Order of 8 February 2022 of the Regional Ministry of Health, is SUSPENDED.

Therefore, the capacity limitations that existed until now for the holding of owners’ meetings disappear.

The obligation to wear masks in enclosed spaces for public use or open to the public, in transport and at mass events, as established in Royal Decree 115/2022, of 8 February, is maintained.

To prevent infection, the following recommendations are reiterated:

o Use of hydroalcoholic gel and frequent ventilation of enclosed spaces, both public and private, prioritising natural ventilation over mechanical ventilation.

o Mandatory use of masks in enclosed spaces for public use or open to the public. For example: in enclosed communal areas of communities.

o Avoid crowds of people, including in outdoor areas, when it is not possible to keep a safe distance.

This order comes into force on 16 February 2022 and will remain in force until the publication of a new order to replace it, depending on the evolution of the epidemiological situation.

Therefore, we would like to inform you that from today (18 February 2022) all pools will be open again.

We would also like to remind you that security has instructions not to collect private parcels, so we would be grateful if you would desist from this practice.

Kind regards.

Autovía RM-19 Km 12
Urb. La Torre Golf Resort – 30709
Tlf. +34 968031031

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