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Dear all,

You are all aware of the recent issues regarding confrontations between some pool users and the pool security guards at the pool in RB12.2,or at least one of them in particular.

I have been in close contact with Admiburgos collating the information from both sides and trying to make some kind of sense out of something which has escalated out of all proportion.

It may be worth pointing out a few things which seem to have been overlooked, forgotten over time, not known about, or in some cases maybe just ignored?

The regulations around what is expected of all pool users are not new. Many of you have owned, lived or rented on the resort for many years, some of you from the very beginning. So those of you can reasonably be expected to know what they are. (See attached copy of pool sign at all pools). It has been said in one of the emails received that, ”we have not had these problems in the past” [regarding pool rules and pool security]. The main difference between this summer and the past, is NOT that NEW RULES are being imposed, but that there has never been the option in the past to have the pools monitored. And because of that, in the past, both owners and renters (some NOT ALL), have placed their own interpretation on what they see as acceptable in relation to what they want to do whilst on their holiday, without ever having been challenged on how their behaviour fits in with the community rules or how it affects other owners/pool users.

Something that is definitely overlooked/forgotten or indeed not known about, are the number of complaints received from owners every summer regarding abuse of the pool rules and inappropriate behaviour in and around the pools. And has increased this year because of the Covid-19 regulations. The owners who abide by the pool rules and wish to use them in appropriate peace cannot and should not be ignored. The Presidents Board has a responsibility to do everything possible to ensure all owners are represented, not just those who shout the loudest. Please take a moment to review the attached file re pool rules.

Another point made in an email received was regarding pool ‘inflatables’ and stated, ”when it is quiet and there are few people in the pool, then the Guard should exercise discretion and allow it”. This is a very subjective view, how many are a few? How many is too many? What happens when in the Guards view the inflatables that are already in the pool are enough and will not allow any more in. How is the next person going to react when he/she tries to enter the pool with an inflatable and is told they cannot? The view, ”what does it matter if there is no one else in the pool” whilst is understandable to some degree, it only serves to create confusion, bad feelings and unrest. Either pool inflatables are allowed, or they are not. Under the current regulations they are not! The only exceptions are the small safety flotation aids for example as used by babies and young children/non swimmers.

For information regarding the consumption of alcohol in and around the pool area, attached is a copy of the regulations of the Spanish Councils and Provinces Federation. Apologies that there is only a Spanish version available at the time of writing but regarding the point in question, the important detail is in article 15.6. When translated, this states:

‘’The sales or direct consumption of alcoholic beverages will not be allowed in sports-recreational areas, except in places especially enabled for it and with the conditions established by law”

This is not a choice of The Presidents Board, The Community nor the Security Company/Pool Guard, it is The Law of Spain. And none of the aforementioned can condone or be seen to allow breaking the law. It has been said that people cannot be expected to have to spend time in a hot pool area without a drink, and they are not. It just cannot be alcoholic. Playing devil’s advocate you can ask “what harm can a couple of [alcoholic] drinks do?” The fact is that ‘a few drinks’ means different things to different people and to many it may mean exactly that, ‘a few drinks’. But for some people it can turn to more than that, bringing with it the possibility of not only aggressive disruptive behaviour, but also a risk of drowning.

Extreme examples? Maybe, but possibilities all the same. Either way, the fact remains it is against the law in Spain. Security has a job to do and have been instructed on how to deal with issues that arise. In relation to the pools in particular, in order to avoid unnecessary confrontations, any issues should be reported to security for them to deal with. People who continue to ignore the community rules should expect the consequences of their actions. The fact that all of the above has been going unchecked for years does not make it correct. Is it really too much to ask that the rules put in place to afford all pool users some basic courtesy and the ability to enjoy the pools, be respected?

Regarding the alleged behaviour of the pool guard, who is said to have been behaving inappropriately towards pool owners in several ways. All the points raised have been noted including the fact that we are paying for this service. I want to make it clear here that the guard in question has been called in and these issues have been addressed in the strongest terms. It has been made clear without ambiguity that any recurrence will only have one outcome.

However, having said all of the above, for those of you who are unaware I will add some history. In the early days of the pool service there were complaints from some Presidents and owners, that the pool guards were being too lenient and not enforcing either the Covid-19 or pool rules stringently enough. As a result the security company was instructed via Admiburgos to instruct the pool guard(s) accordingly. Now, this approach doesn’t suit some people either.

What is most disappointing is to learn of some of the unacceptable taunts and provocation from some pool users towards the security staff, which includes the use of terms like ‘Nazi, Little Hitler and Gestapo’ to name a few, and hand gestures including a ‘raised middle finger’ in a derogatory offensive manner. Some of the above has been confirmed as having happened in an email received from a President. Whether an owner renter, or president, these are unacceptable terms or gestures, to openly use to anyone, full stop! If you treat someone in this way you surely can’t then be surprised to get a reaction.

With a little thought, care, consideration for the community rules and each other all of the above could be avoided. A President’s task is a time consuming difficult job at the best of times, there is almost always a difference of opinion of the way forward and keeping everyone happy is almost always impossible. The decisions taken are taken in good faith based on the wants and needs of the majority.

Please let’s try to improve the resort for all, even if we may not always personally agree with everything.

Best regards,

Frank Fairbrother
General Community President

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