Aena, the management company of Corvera Airport have recently announced that there are still contracts available for shops, services and more ahead of the opening date next year. The airport itself is still set to open on the 15th of January 2019. Although this deadline is coming up very soon, Aena have commented that it is likely that there will be more shops and services opening up in the airport. This includes the potential for five new car hire firms, though there has not yet been any comments or speculation on which firms may take up these contracts.

The new shop rental contracts will occupy premises in a 60 square metre area in the departure lounge. This will include clothes outlets, jewellery, accessories and more. These services will also share the same space as Costa Coffee, Subway, Semba, Foods&Goods, WHSmith, a Submarine gift shop, an Ibérica Negocentro delicatessen and more – all of which were also recently announced. You can read our blog post on this here for more information. Aena have also increased the number of vending machines in this space to 18 machines which will serve food, drinks and snacks.

Although it is expected that there may be a total of five new car hire firms, a recent report has also suggested that there are two operating licenses for car rental companies currently available at Corvera Airport. It has also been reported that these companies will offer a total of 250 vehicles available to rent. Although these companies have not yet been confirmed, it is already known that Goldcar, Europcar and Hertz will be offering rental services to holiday makers from the airport.

For more information on the car hire companies that will be operating from Corvera Airport, take a look at our dedicated car hire page. We can help you find the best car hire details, and have a handy form to help you find the perfect plan for you. We will also be updating our website to include detailed information on the shops, services and more at Corvera Airport once it opens next year, so you can find out everything you need before you travel.

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