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GENERAL NOTE: You are advised of the need to continue to comply with the recommendations from the health authorities relating to maintaining interpersonal distance, hand washing, and other preventive measures.

Article 1. Subject.

This order is to regulate the obligatory use of masks by the population. For the purposes of the provisions of this order, it is understood that the obligation referred to in the previous section will be met by the use of any kind of mask, preferably hygienic or surgical, covering the nose and mouth. In all cases, the indications from the health authorities regarding their use must be observed.

Article 2. Those obliged to wear masks..

  1. All persons aged six years and over are obliged to use masks in the spaces indicated in article 3.
    Note from the administrator: the use of masks is recommended for the infant population aged 3 to 5 years.
  2. The obligation contained in the previous paragraph will not be required in the following cases:

a) Persons presenting some kind of respiratory difficulty that may be aggravated by the use of a mask.

b) Persons for whom the use of a mask is contraindicated for duly justified health reasons, or whose situation of disability or dependency may give rise to alterations in behaviour making the use of a mask unfeasible.

c) Carrying out activities which, due to their nature, are incompatible with the use of a mask (such as ingesting food or drinks).

d) Reasons of force majeure or situations of necessity.

Article 3. Spaces where the use of a mask is obligatory.

The use of a mask is obligatory in the street, in open-air spaces, and in any closed space used by the public or open to the public, provided that it is not possible to maintain an interpersonal safety distance of at least two metres.

Note from the administrator (2): applying this rule to Communities, the use of a mask will be obligatory in lifts, garages, and any crowded areas of the Community.

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