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New COVID-19 Restrictions MURCIA REGION

The region of Murcia has decided to ban social gatherings between non-cohabitants, starting 14th January.

Therefore social meetings will only be permitted with people whom you live with. If you do not live with those people, you cannot meet with them in private nor public spaces.

The decree, which comes into force 14th January, “limits social, family and recreational gatherings between people who do not live together,” López Miras reported at the press conference after the Committee meeting.

ONLY meetings of people belonging to the **same household**, in public and private spaces, both indoors and outdoors, as well as in private vehicles, will be permitted.

The aim is to “cut down completely” all types of activities in which face mask is removed.

The rule establishes several exceptions, such as:

  • workplaces
  • educational centres
  • children who live in a different address from that of their parents
  • people with a marital or partner relationship that live in different households
  • the care of elderly or dependents
  • people that live completely alone

This will be in effect for 14 days from 14TH JANUARY throughout the entire region.

All details will be published in the official decree tomorrow. We will post the link on this post.

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