Photos supplied by Murcia Ministry of Tourism

British tourists are being invited to discover the diverse cycling options available in Murcia. In a special campaign aimed at drawing UK visitors back to the region, now that travel restrictions have been significantly eased, authorities are highlighting the destination’s significant appeal as a sustainable tourism destination.

Launched in conjunction with the British Cycling federation, the initiative is timed to take advantage of increasing interest in cycling-based holidays, as tourists seek activities that can be enjoyed outdoors – and in areas such as Murcia and the Costa Cálida which offer year-round sun and (at this time of the year) moderate autumn temperatures.

According to regional minister for the presidency, tourism and sport Marcos Ortuño, “Cycling adapts perfectly to the new demands of travellers, who want to enjoy experiences that are safe, sustainable, healthy and away from overcrowded areas, and which are in the open air and in close contact with nature.”  

To that end, he said, Murcia is offering an expanding range of cycling experiences, covering both road and mountain routes and including Espuroad (240 kilometres) and Espubike (146 kilometres), both traversing the Sierra Espuña nature park, as well as the pan-European Mediterranean Route (EuroVelo 8), which extends from Cádiz to Cyprus and is suitable for mountain, road and hybrid bicycles.

In addition, the region has 100 routes that are recommended on the CyclingFriendly portal, and 220 kilometres of historic Greenway (“Vías Verdes”) routes, plus associated services including accommodation, restaurants and cafés, railway museums, nature centres and bicycle hire shops.

Earlier this month, the ministry had a stand at the Sea Otter Europe Festival in Girona, where the general manager of the Murcia Regional Institute of Tourism, Juan Francisco Martínez, noted, “The bicycle is becoming even more consolidated and popular as an alternative and extremely valuable way of enjoying nature and caring for the environment, both inland and along the coast.”

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