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Press conference in Murcia
Photo courtesy of Murcia Ministry of Tourism

Murcia’s regional government has stressed its ongoing commitment to guaranteeing a safe, top-quality and attractive destination for tourists. 

Speaking during the formal presentation of Molina de Segura’s inclusion in a national certification system that monitors quality tourism, ministry for tourism, youth and sport Cristina Sánchez said the region was a standard-bearer in this respect – as well as being at the forefront of health and safety measures

In addition to receiving the SICTED (Sistema Integral de Calidad Turística en Destinos) distinction, Molina de Segura –  located 10 kilometres from the capital and home to a line of walls dating to the Almohad era – was also presented with the “Safe Tourism Certified” stamp for its tourist office.

A total of 238 businesses in the region are now officially part of the SICTED protocol, while 58 entities have received “Safe Tourism Certified” recognition.

Molina de Segura’s inclusion means a total of eight municipalities in Murcia, which encompasses the Costa Cálida coastline of popular holiday resorts, are SICTED-approved (Águilas, Lorca, Mazarrón, Murcia, Puerto Lumbreras, San Javier and Sierra Espuña, plus Molina de Segura), while several more are pending ratification (including Archena, Jumilla, Bullas, Calasparra and Cartagena).

Press conference in Murcia“The signing of this protocol,” said Cristina Sánchez, “reflects a commitment by the regional government and town halls to ensure quality tourism, in a safe way that provides tourists with confidence, as well as security, and to showcase the destination’s attractions.

“It’s important for the SICTED list to grow, as that will mean we are seen for what we are, a top-quality and safe destination, and we want all municipalities in the region to benefit from this honour, because that’s what will help us stand out from other destinations. 

“We must achieve a homogeneous level of quality in public and private services that are offered to tourists within the same destination, so that the perception and satisfaction of those who visit us is at a maximum level, with the added advantage that these areas are officially certified as safe destinations.”

According to the minister, establishments receiving the “Safe Tourism Certified” stamp “have to overcome a demanding external auditing process which accredits the implementation of measures that reduce COVID-19 infections”.

The 58 recipients of “Safe Tourism Certified” stamps, in various segments, include 26 tourism offices, two information booths, Corvera Airport Murcia (officially, “Aeropuerto Internacional de la Región de Murcia”), maritime transport company B&F Ferrys and the Terra Natura Murcia amusement park, which was the first company in Spain to receive the certification.

Also certified are 14 beaches in San Javier, and six in San Pedro del Pintar, seven “Cartagena Puerto de Culturas” cultural-tourism areas, and the Palacio Consistorial in Cartagena.

By municipalities, San Javier has the most certifications (15), followed by Cartagena (11) and San Pedro del Pinatar (eight).


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