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Hi Everyone

Bit of bad news …

Recently the Spanish Government have passed new regulations concerning the opening of bars. The new regulation states that if you do not have a kitchen serving food then you cannot remain open to sell only  drinks.

As you all already know, we do not have a kitchen & we do not sell food, so with this news we have had to take the decision to close The Meeting Place. This is not something that we have any option – it is now law that we must close down until further notice.

This is happening because the Spanish government see that people drinking in bars are more likely to be spreading Covid-19 than other establishments selling food. I personally don’t understand this logic but thats how they see it.

The regulation also stops all live entertainment in Bars & Restaurants that don’t have a contract with the live artists.

Also the entertainers need to be Autonimoe registered or the bar & the entertainers can be fined. Just another nail in the coffin of any establishment trying to get back up & running .

Cheers Jim Tucker
Secretary UGR Sports & Social Club

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