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Launch of Inaugural Costa Cálida “RutaSub” for Diving Enthusiasts

​​Photos supplied by Murcia Tourism

Murcia’s five internationally renowned diving areas are being showcased as part of a special initiative for enthusiasts keen to enjoy Costa Cálida’s diverse underwater attractions.

Running from May until the end of the year, the inaugural edition of “RutaSub” provides certified divers with the opportunity of enjoying nine dives in different areas of the Costa Cálida.

Those wanting to take part are required to have an officially recognised recreational diving certificate and to register at the buceaenlaregiondemurcia.com website. In return they will receive a voucher card that entitles them to nine dives: three at Cabo de Palos and another three at La Azohía, and one each at La Manga-Isla Grosa, Mazarrón and Águilas. These five diving areas include two protected marine reserves, Cabo de Palos-Islas Hormigas and Cabo Tiñoso, with a third (Cabo Cope) also projected.

Each dive costs a basic €33, including the boat ride, a diving guide and scuba equipment. Once the route is completed, on 10 January the organisers will hold a raffle for participants, with prizes including computers, diving regulators and additional dive vouchers.

The Murcia region incorporates 250 kilometres of Costa Cálida (“Warm Coast”) coastline, complemented by a climate that allows year-round diving, moderate underwater and surface temperatures, and an extensive range of associated activities.


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