By Wednesday afternoon in Jumilla, in the north of Murcia, temperatures were already topping 35 degrees. While it may not be the hottest part of the country at the moment (that prize goes to the Basque country), the heatwave is expected to last through the week and into the weekend.

As the anticipated heatwave swelters through the country and makes its presence more than felt in Murcia, we’ve got some top tips on keeping your cool when flying.

1) Wear loose and light-coloured clothing and take layers

Light-coloured clothing reflects the light and has a more cooling effect than dark-coloured clothing. It is also advisable to take a light second layer for use on the plane as once the air-conditioning kicks in, you may find it such a contrast from the heat outside and the change in temperature may be uncomfortable.

2) Board last

Quite often, the most sweltering part of travelling through an airport is the potential waiting time on the jetway. As you stand in the glass tube waiting to board, there may be no chance of moving or going anywhere to avoid the heat. Boarding last gives you the greatest chance at spending the minimum amount of time on the jetway.

3) Leave enough time to get through the airport

There is nothing worse than already feeling incredibly hot and then having to rush through an airport, raising blood pressure and feeling increasingly hot and agitated! Give yourself ample time to navigate at a comfortable pace through the airport making use of any air-conditioned spaces.

4) Keep some travel wipes or wet wipes handy.

For a quick chance to freshen up and to benefit from a swipe of lemony freshness as you travel, keep wet wipes handy. The combination of cool wet wipe and refreshing aroma may be a quick fix and antidote to sweaty discomfort.

5) Carry a hat and some sunscreen

If you need to be outside for any part of your journey, a hat to keep the beating sun off your face and some sunscreen will go a long way.

6) Pull the shades down

If you’re waiting around on the runway and are yet to leave, you may be able to make use of some reprieve from the beating sun by pulling the shades down. Many of us may travel frequently and not use them at all so they may not always be on our radars to make use of when we do actually need them!

7) Drink lots of water

Dehydration can make you feel light-headed, may lead to fainting or dehydration headaches and stop you from sweating. When hot, the ability to sweat is our body’s way of cooling us down and without being able to this, dehydration can quickly escalate. Carry water bottles with you, use the fountains in the airport to keep them topped up and stay hydrated.

8) Carry an ice pack with you

Now this one may require some fore-thought and preparation but if you know you’ll remember, keep some flexible ice packs in the freezer and carry some in a handbag alongside you whilst travelling. They may not last long but if you’re lucky you may get the most of the benefits whilst still in the airport!

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