Please note the following advisory notes and spraying schedule for 2016 with regard to Mosquito control. The spray treatment is normally carried out overnight but even so please see the notes below.

This is from Control Natural, the spraying contractors:

Dear Neighbours:

With regards to the start of the 2016 treatments against mosquitoes, we would like to inform you that the company Control Natural de Plagas will carry out the general fumigating for 2016, in between 01:00am and 06:00am in the exterior perimeters and common areas of the Community.

We would appreciate if you would keep the following recommendations in mind so that the treatment can carried out as safely and efficient as possible.

  • We recommend keeping all doors and windows closed during the interval of treatment: 01:00am to 06:00am.
  • We ask to act with caution when driving through the complex during the interval of treatment.
  • The product that is being used for treatments can irritate eyes and skin, if is possible, please do not walk through the areas that are being treated.

For any further information or incidents during the course of the treatment please contact:

Control Natural. Tel. 666 548 916
National Institute of Toxicology. Phone. 91 562 04 02

Thank you for your collaboration

Spray Calendar:

26 May 2016  – all resort
23 June 2016 – all resort
21 July 2016 – all resort
18 August 2016 – all resort

If you have any queries please contact Admiburgos.

Many thanks