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COVID-19 Update 30 June

Dear owners,

May we inform you that the Murcian Regional President, has warned of “drastic measures” following the meeting of the regional Covid monitoring commission.

Last week, Spain entered the “new normal”, relaxing travel restrictions and permitting free movement within the Spanish mainland.

On the 1st of July, international borders will re-open with agreed partner countries, so the number of international tourists arriving in the country is expected to increase substantially.

Although figures in the Murcia Region have been low, Murcia is now amongst the twelve regions with a major outbreak which is affecting 32 people in three municipalities: Murcia (El Raal), Beniel and Santomera which has its origins in the return of the three Bolivian nationals from their country of origin on the 3rd of June.

The Murcia Regional President has said that the situation is very “worrying” and that the Regional Government will take “drastic measures” in the face of the increase in cases and recent outbreaks of coronavirus and will even take the step of confining certain municipalities should he feel necessary to do so.

Please, follow the rules and stay safe. We will keep you updated.

Kind regards.


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