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COVID-19 Update 30 June

Dear owners,

We would like to inform you that as of yesterday, the use of masks in both and open enclosed spaces is now obligatory throughout the Region of Murcia, whether or not the safety distance can be maintained. Attached the communication.

The decree approved by the regional government takes few exceptions into account. Masks can be removed in order to carry out sports activities in open spaces and for the consumption of food and drinks in bars and restaurants. Moreover, their use is “recommended”, although not obligatory, outside of the water on beaches and around pools.

Children under 6 years of age will be exempt from having to use masks, along with anyone presenting “any kind of respiratory illness or difficulty”. Nor will those who are in a situation of disability or dependency and who do not have the ability to put on a mask be required to wear one, nor patients “showing changes in behaviour that make its use unfeasible”. The planned initial fine is 100€.

Please act responsibly and protect yourselves.


Please find here a link to the decree dated 13/07/2020, from the official bulletin of the Region of Murcia:


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