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B.O.R.M. UPDATE 20TH JULY (Official Bulletin Murcia Region)

2.2. In general terms, participation in any group or meeting of a private or unregulated nature is limited to a maximum number of 15 people, taking place in both public and private spaces.

3.1. Any activity of Disco in indoor venues is not allowed, but can be carried out on outdoor terraces or outdoor spaces, regardless of the time when the activity takes place.

3.2 Pubs, cocktail bars or nightlife establishments may carry out their activity inside the premises or indoor spaces BUT the closing time will be at 10 p.m. After this time, the activities may only be carried out on terraces or outdoors.

3.3 In the cases provided for in the two previous sections, as established in subsection 9 of Section II of the annex to the Agreement of the Governing Council of June 19, 2020, drinks at the bar counter or use from the dance floor are not allowed.

3.4 The carrying out of karaoke’s, sporadic or amateur singing or dancing performances at the previously mentioned establishments in this article is not allowed.

3.5 The activities carried out by hotel and restaurant establishments, as well as pubs, nightlife venues and discos, to which subsections 8 and 9 of Section II of the annex to the Agreement of the Government Council of June 19, 2020 were modified, and will be developed with people duly seated at tables, or 15 being the maximum number of people who can participate in each of these.

3.6 The maximum closing time of all establishments mentioned at the previous section is set at 02:00 a.m. but new customers cannot be admitted after 01:30 a.m. being the timings which have been previously approved by the authorities, notwithstanding the above on the application of the schedule that had been previously approved by these authorities if this body decreed an earlier closure.


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