Further to our earlier news about the possibility of Corvera airport officially being renamed, as of Friday 12th April, the Minstry of Development has authorised the name change.

The new name for the airport will be Juan de la Cierva. The name change was announced by President Lopez Miras, who also informed the community of Murcia that procedures were already underway to progress the name change. Juan de la Cierva (1895-1936) was the inventor of the autogyro in 1920, a type of aircraft with a single rotor.

As an influential Murcian figure, the name change brings recognition to his contributions to the field of aeronatics. De la Cierva’s work on rotor dynamics supported further developments such as advances to the modern helicopter.

It is widely assumed that the airport will continue to be known or referred to as “Murcia airport” or “Corvera airport” due to the vast length of time it has been known as such. Planning and talk about the new airport continued through many many years before construction and final completion happened.

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