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Coronavirus - Community Update

An Update On Your Community And The Situation Of The State Of Emergency Due To Coronavirus
Dear Owners,

May we contact you in order to provide information about your community and the latest news concerning the state of emergency due to Covid-19.

Community & Coronavirus

Just issued by the College of Administrators, these clear guidelines are for residential communities for your information. We are focusing our efforts on maximizing security, health & safety on UGR La Tercia for the benefit of owners and residents. We wish all owners and residents well and sincerely hope that we all protect ourselves, our families and neighbours during this difficult period.


Coronavirus: What is the meaning of a blue armband and what should not be done?

We tell you the meaning of blue garment and the reason to people who wear it that you can see walking on the street during the state of alarm for the coronavirus.


One of the groups that was suffering the most with respect to the confinement together with the state of alarm are children with disabilities, whose needs were not taken into account in the first royal decree. The Ministry of Health rectified a few days later and added that “people with disabilities, minors, seniors” could be accompanied on public roads.

Parents with children suffering from autism or other mental disorders in their behaviour expressed their gratitude for this step. Most of these children suffering from these disorders must go outside every day on prescription. However, there are several fathers and mothers who have expressed their discomfort on social media when they have been rebuked by people who see them on the street or from their balconies.

For this reason, several families have decided to identify themselves when they go out on the street with their children. And they will do it wearing a blue garment, the color of autism: t-shirts, armbands, hats, sweatshirts.

As it is possible that in our community there may be a case like these, we ask that before reproaching this attitude to people who can be seen walking on the street, first make sure that they do not wear this type of identification.

Safety & Security

The Local Police and Guardia Civil have visited LA TERCIA many times to support and advise our security function on all matters regarding the security of the community and follow their guidelines and instructions.

Our Resort Security is operating as normal covering the north (CCTV) and south entrances, looking out for issues and suspicious behaviour, but Security staff cannot be everywhere, so your help and watchfulness will make a difference.

Our security staff are reliant on your support, so please report any suspicious activity on 868 782 753. Please be aware that even in this Emergency Situation – criminals are trying to take advantage, including hoax scams via internet.

This is a difficult time as opportunists may take advantage of the situation to burgle and rob people’s properties in the Region.

All matters related to the current State of Emergency and incidents of crime are reported to the Police for them to act upon as they see fit. Resort Security have limited authorities and may only act as advised by the Police and support the Police as required.

We are receiving requests from owners for the security team to limit / prohibit access to the Resort to family, friends, home delivery, etc. that come from outside the Resort, given the Emergency Situation in which we find ourselves. We would like to inform you that we contacted the Guardia Civil to ask them if it was possible to adopt these measures and restrict access to people who do not reside in the Resort. After consulting the Guardia Civil command, they have answered that they will try to send a patrol themselves as soon as they have availability, but that the security team should not be involved in these tasks and should continue operating as normal.

Resort Maintenance

The Spanish Government have issued further restrictions following the meetings of the Council of Ministers on 29th & 30th March. In addition, the Quarantine rules have been extended until 26th April 2020.

CONTROL NATURAL – have offered to provide disinfection against the coronavirus in order to increase the safety of the UGR La Tercia Community, reducing the chances of contagion, by carrying out a campaign of disinfection treatments against CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) in the common areas of public activity belonging to the community of owners, without cost.

Most services on the Resort will continue to operate: waste collection, water treatment, cleaning and disinfection of communal areas, resort maintenance, telecommunications, TV, water supply and electricity, all of which are considered essential by agreement of the Council of Ministers on Sunday 29-03-2020.

Contractors providing services to our Community are required to wear masks and gloves, maintain physical distancing and avoid any contact with owners & residents.

Community Administration

ADMIBURGOS keep on working to ensure the proper operation in buildings, facilities and other areas of the resort.

Every day, but especially now when the population must stay at home, it is essential to guarantee that the community services operate (cleaning and hygiene, water, energy, telecommunications, lifts, etc.).

With the confinement to our homes, now extended until April 26th, it is challenging to progress issues and discussions electronically, but there is no other way. However, ADMIBURGOS staff continue to work on all community actions as normal by email and telephone, so monthly fee collection, debt recovery, communications and contractor management continues as required.

Our occupation as well as your collaboration is more essential today than ever.

We would like to ask owners & residents to please be patient and supportive during this period, as authorised services are operating under difficult circumstances.

No-one knows if the recently announced 15-day extension of the restrictions will continue even longer, so please stay safe, stay indoors as much as possible and stay calm.

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