‘Good morning all members and would be members of the La Tercia Healthy Eating & Slimming Group.

At our meeting on 12 Aprll 2018 a discussion amongst the group members took place and it was decided to bring the meeting time forward to enable the group to do some “healthy” exercises in the gym before the meeting starts. We then plan to migrate to the Meeting Place at about 10.15 am for our normal session.

So from Thursday 19 April, this will be the format for the La Tercial Healthy Eating and Slimming Club. Its not mandatory for members to attend the exercise element of the meeting so please note the delayed start to the meeting itself to 10.15 am or thereabouts.

Unless notified otherwise the La Tercia Healty Eating and Slimming Club will be held each Thursday – 9.30 am at the gym and then 10.15 am at the Meeting Place for weigh in and chat.

Margaret Bywater and Sandra Blakey look forward to welcoming old and new members on Thursday.’