Around this time of year airlines are planning ahead to summer scheduling 2020 and Corvera airport still expects to see an increase in operating routes.

The regional tourism board is still working with the airport operators Aena to increase the variety and number of flights operating in and out of Corvera airport. While the airport has seen a reduced number of users over the last few months, according to all reports and expectations, this was always anticipated during the first year of operation. Since welcoming first travellers, Corvera airport has successfully taken over operation of many flights that had previously used the much-loved San Javier airport.

There may well be travellers who have since taken to flying into Alicante airport for distance but the scope and projected expansion of Murcia airport is still highly anticipated. The current expectation is that Winter 2019 schedules and Summer 2020 schedules will feature more routes in and out of Murcia. An example of a proposed route to be introduced is the route from Murcia to Barcelona. Negotiations with Vueling continue but there is already sufficient interest confirmed for this route to be a welcome addition to the schedules.

Among other new routes planned is an increased number of flights between Murcia and London and Birmingham.

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