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Universal Announces Europe’s Largest Film Production Studio in Murcia, Brings Hollywood to Spain

According to Murcia Today, the Region of Murcia is set to become a major hub for film production.

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With the announcement of an ambitious new project by British company Stage Fifty and Universal. The plan involves constructing Europe’s largest film and television production center, Murcia Film Studios, with an initial investment of 120 million euros. Spanning 100,000 square meters, the studio is expected to create around a thousand jobs and significantly boost the region’s audiovisual industry.

Located in the Los Cármenes de Las Torres industrial estate, the studio will serve as a hub for both national and international productions. The Region’s unique locations and favorable weather conditions, combined with innovative subsidies, will attract filmmakers and foster local talent development in special effects, props, costumes, makeup, and visual effects.

The project has received strong support from the local audiovisual employers’ association, Audiovisual Union, which highlights the credibility of the investors, who have worked with major clients like Disney, Netflix, Amazon Studios, HBO, and Apple TV. International management experts are being recruited to ensure world-class operations at the Murcian audiovisual hub.

The studio aims to complement existing production centers, such as the City of Light in Alicante, and create synergies between the provinces of Alicante, Murcia, and Almería, establishing a powerful national audiovisual hub in Spain. Region of Murcia president López Miras has expressed optimism about the project following a visit to the UK’s ‘Dimension Studio’, which shares similar characteristics.

Stage Fifty’s collaboration with Universal and their expansion plans in Spain signal a promising future for the country’s audiovisual industry, positioning Murcia Film Studios as a key player in European film and television production.

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