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Pools Open For Use ONLY From 10 AM TO 10 PM

Dear Fellow Owners

The pool maintenance company reports that due to the high water temperatures in the pools, which in some cases has reached more than 32 degrees Celsius, they have observed the appearance of algae in many pools. This temperature helps the proliferation of bacteria that cause the formation of algae.

These bacteria and algae make it harder to disinfect the water. To fix this, they are using more chemicals, running the filtration motors longer, and washing more often.

Therefore, it is more important than ever to respect the timetable for the use of the pools – which are open daily from 10am to 10pm.

Why limit the use of pools from 10 am to 10 pm only?

The reasons are not obvious, so here is a word of explanation for this rule…

The Sanitising Chemicals Are Automatically Released after 10pm

The pools are more dangerous at this time, especially for children, because of the volume of chemicals being introduced. The pool pumps run on high during the night in order to disperse the chemicals effectively

The sanitising phase is complete by 10am, and the pool pumps run on low throughout the day. If chemicals were added during the day while pumps are on low settings, the result would be a higher concentration of chemicals. So please note this rule for your own safety.

Essential Gardening Jobs

Additionally essential jobs in the pool area gardens are normally undertaken in early morning – such as mowing the grass, as well as the cleaning of the pool floors. They and the pool cleaners do this work before the pools are open for your use. So it is to your benefit that you stick to the pool use rules, please.

Other Important Rules…

Noise Levels

Another important issue is the question of noise. The general rule for the Provincia of Murcia applies here, with regard to noise. Please be respectful of your neighbours at all times of the day.

Those who were here post Covid restrictions can attest to this that the Provincia of Murcia imposed all kinds of rules before we were finally allowed to use the gardens/swimming pools.

Risk of Damage to Irrigation System Pipes

Please note that absolutely no parasols or tents are allowed to be put in the ground in either the communal gardens or the pool areas because the irrigation system pipes are only 20 cm below the grass. If these are damaged then it is the community who has to pay for their repair (I.e each of us who pays community fees).

Note by law: NO SMOKING in the pool area.

Note by law: No dogs/ pets in the pool area.

Note: No glasses for drinks are allowed to be used by the pools or in the pool areas.

Thanks in advance to everyone for your co-operation which ensures everyone can enjoy our facilities.

Patricia Vets (Cita )
General Community President


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